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Scoota Trailer

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Scoota Trailer for Mobility Scooters and Electric wheelchair as well as utility

Q. How much does the ScootaTrailer weigh?

A. It weighs a total of 285 lbs., and only places 35 - 75 lbs. directly onto your tow vehicle's trailer hitch. If you choose to add the optional aluminum top, which only weighs 50 lbs., your total trailer weight will only increase to 335 lbs., making it one of the lightest enclosed transporters of mobility scooters and power chairs in the industry. Yet, one of the most impressive features is it's 600 lb. carrying capacity! (And, at this time we are not aware of any power chair or scooter that weighs that much!)

Q. Can this trailer be towed behind small vehicles?
Examples: Chevy Cavalier, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Ford Focus, Honda Accord, Volkswagon Beetle, etc.

A. YES! If there is a trailer hitch available for whatever vehicle you wish to tow with, whether it's a sub-compact, full size, or SUV, it is capable of towing the trailer. (Remember! The trailer weighs  285 lbs., and only places  35 - 75 lbs. directly onto your tow vehicle's trailer hitch.) The total weight, including your chair or scooter, would never exceed 900 lbs. total weight. Therefore, ANY class one trailer hitch on ANY vehicle is enough hitch!

Q. Can it be towed at normal highway speeds?

A. YES! The ScootaTrailer™ is equipped with high speed bearings and E-Z lube greaseable spindles. Also, the tire rating is a considerably higher capacity than is required. And, best of all, the trailer's unique design will never allow itself to sway behind any vehicle at any speed, at anytime.

Q. Will the trailer bounce around while being towed?

Bounce is very minimal. Actually, the axle supporting your scooter is a soft, rubber ride suspension axle called a  'torflex', and will adjust to road conditions.

Q. How much effort does it take to lift the loading gate to travel position ?

A. Very little! In fact, with the tailgate in the lowered position, it will require lifting only nine pounds (which is less than most vans equipped with spring assisted side loading ramps).

Q. How do I load my power chair or scooter onto the trailer ?

A. The ScootaTrailer is designed with a very low profile.....only nine inches from the ground to the trailer floor. And, it is designed to allow a low center of gravity. Therefore, the angle of approach is very slim. Simply guide your unit while it powers itself into travel position as you walk beside it. You may back it on or go forward. The choice is yours.  It will not affect the towing of your unit.Using the tie down rings and straps provided, secure your unit so that it remains stationary during transport.

Q. Are there any chairs or scooters that will not load on the ScootaTrailer™ ?

A. To our knowledge there is no scooter or power chair that is too short coupled, too long, or too low that would cause it's ground clearance to scrape or keep it from loading. (And, keep in mind, there is a larger unit available for those really large all terrain scooters and chairs. Or, perhaps, you simply wish to give yourself some extra room to upgrade your scooter at a later date.)

Q. If I purchase a 
ScootaTrailer  can I still park in handicap parking areas?

 To answer this question, we asked several people the primary reason they use handicap parking in the first place. Simply put: Most answered it was so they would not have too far to walk to the front door. Obviously, if they were hauling a scooter anyway, they would be riding it to the front door; not walking. So, handicap parking would not be as much an issue.

Q. Will I be able to see the trailer when I get ready to back up?  And, how difficult is it to back up ?

The trailer's tailgate is tall enough that it is visible through your rear view mirror. While it can be frustrating to back since it is a small trailer, it does however, back very similar to a  4'  x  8'  trailer. And with a little practice you may be amazed at how quickly you catch on. Another point of view may be this: Why back up in the first place?  The next time you're in a shopping mall parking lot, pull slightly ahead into the next space so that you're headed forward when it's time for you to leave. And remember, the next time you pull into your driveway you may simply want to use the swivel jack and caster wheel that comes on every  ScootaTrailer. After disconnecting it from your tow vehicle, easily roll the unit into your garage. Now you're ready for your next trip.
Q. How can I get more information or how do I go about ordering a ScootaTrailer ?

We've also made this really simple. Dial 1-949-716-2006. A friendly sales person will be eager to help you! 
Manufacturer: ScootaTrailer
Product Number: ScoStd

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