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Driving Controls

Driving Controls hand controls left foot pedals and pedal extentions

Hand Control Accessories
Drop Down Turn Signal, Gear Shift, Parking Brakes & Right Turn Lever Extensions for for drivers who are looking for ease in operating a vehicle's secondary controls (switches).
Hand Controls
The Monarch Mark IA hand driving control incorporates the most popular method of operation, and undoubtedly the least fatiguing available. The Right-Angle hand controls are not only durable but good-looking.
Pedal Controls
Brake, Clutch and Gas Pedal controls provide a safe, simple and inexpensive alternative for those who are short-stature, pregnant, or have hip or knee problems.
Spinner Knob
All steering controls are readily detachable for ambulatory person. Spinner devices permit safe operations of the steering wheel for drivers who must steer with one hand, allowing them to remain in contact with the steering wheel at all times.
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